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Movement is Important

March 15, 2020

 The human body was designed to move.

Sedentary lifestyles are not conducive to good health. However, for many of us, modern society has moved toward more jobs that require more brain-function than muscular engagement, this creates or encourages lifestyles that are out-of-balance.

Overuse of the brain is just as problematic as overuse of the body.

In our bodies, one of the most common effects we see is weight gain, which in turn may exacerbate or be a direct cause for other physical ailments.

The mind, is what suffers the most.

When we do not feel good, we have been taught to "work through the pain"; however, "working through the pain" takes one from the immediate circumstance of "managing the pain" and places them with others, who may be unaware of the pain. Consequently, when something that would normally be a "minor slight" occurs between them, we often see knee-jerk reactions simply because we are not encouraged to care for ourselves properly. Therefore, we are consistently out-of-balance.

In order to work our way back to a place of being better able to manage and maintain balance in our lives, we must begin to move to reestablish the connections between our body and mind.


Our Second Blog Entry

December 23, 2023

It has been some time since the last entry. Many things have happened. A patent was issued for the proximity training device known as Judo Jaime; your Training Uke.  The training dummies and fundamental directional mats are getting great feedback from our beginning adult students and as an Instructor of Judo for over 15 years I have noticed a significant improvement in the students being able to integrate the fundamentals that are required to practice Judo safely. I have seen a reduction in injuries and a greater retention of students as well. I look forward to the next stages and finding a new home for our club. Ultimately, I look forward to the possibilities that the future holds. See you on the mat!

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